About the Auction

The Rotary Clubs of Dawson Creek, thank you for once again participating in our annual auction!

The Rotary Auction has been an integral part of enabling our two Rotary Clubs to do what they do in our community for over 35 years. This is only made possible by the very generous donations of goods and services of many local businesses in our area. 

By participating in our auction with donations or by bidding, you will also play a vital role in helping local Rotarians to continue serving our community.  You can see the wonderful local impact Rotary has had throughout the years.  The Children’s Reading Room at the Public Library, Rotary Lake Splash Park, Network Ministries, Old Fashioned Christmas, Rotary Walking Trail, Seniors Cabin Fever Dinner, and Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, are just a few examples of Rotary’s work in our community.  There are many more examples so please check our websites and Facebook pages for more information – and find out about our international work as well!

Once again, a heartfelt thank-you to all of you for supporting the auction!

Thank you, to everyone who will be bidding online – on any device! 2019 welcomes the year that we launched our new auction website. We encourage you to bid often, bid high and to and to use the Proxy Bid function.

250-719-1674 • info@dcrotary.ca

Together we can make a difference.

Garth Walter: Chair, 35th Annual Rotary Auction
Joe Judge: Chair, 34th Annual Rotary Auction
Julie Ortynisky: Chair, 33rd Annual Rotary Auction
Julie Ortynisky: Chair, 32nd Annual Rotary Auction
Lou Kurjata: Chair, 31st Annual Rotary Auction
Lou Kurjata: Chair, 30th Annual Rotary Auction